After the Sunny passed by Judge's castle, the group later saw enemy ships approaching them from the front and when the situation grew more dire, they were surprised when Wadatsumi appeared and attacked the enemy. [47] Jinbe was then seen looking at the Sea Kings, who are now acting as ships for the locals to make up for breaking theirs. During the wedding ceremony, Jinbei left the Big Mom pirates and officially joined the Straw Hats. Under his pale red coat (which he swaps for a black one two years later), he appears to be wearing a Coral colored traditional Japanese clothing covered all over with black and white square-shaped patterns with the black and white layers alternating each other (beginning with the black outline from the edge) and ending with a dark square at the middle of each and every one of them. As Big Mom prepared to attack again, Nami diverted Zeus' attention by using thunderclouds, causing the cloud homie to veer off-course and drop Big Mom. 4,7 sur 5 étoiles. The Sunny group did so and they were overjoyed to see Sanji and Luffy coming towards them. [95] As the promised rendezvous time drew near, Nami pointed out that Luffy needed Brûlée in order to leave the Mirro-World, causing the group to become concerned, given Luffy's absent-mindedness. It is time for the second part of the "WHOLE CAKE ISLAND ARC". [37], After disembarking, Jinbe heard the story from the locals. Jinbe and Arlong then each gave Fisher Tiger equally warm greetings after he returned to the island from an adventure. Big Mom attacks the Straw Hats as they try to escape. After the team was spurred into action, they spotted not only the Big Mom Pirates' fleet heading toward them, but Big Mom herself, who was walking on water using Perospero's candy road.[83]. See more: Luffy, Zoro,.. Time to talk about Jinbei, the best fishman in the series. After the end of fishman island i knew he would join the crew and waited for years and years. Bounty: After Chiffon requested Sanji's help in making a cake for Big Mom, Sanji readily agreed to assist them. Shirahoshi was easily deceived, and when they approached it, they were ensnared in a net. Wooden Artwork. All the OFFICIAL known bounties, from lowest to highest updated after Whole Cake Island Arc.The last databook "Vivre Card" released some new bounties! Giano182 480,748 views. As the Big Mom Pirates hindered their escape, Luffy, Sanji, and the Vinsmoke Family were overwhelmed by the enemy. Fish-Man District (former) Due to his overexertion, Luffy had lost a lot of blood and needed a transfusion, a type no one else on his crew has. Jinbe assured the princess that she did nothing wrong. When the Straw Hat Crew and the Fire Tank Pirates began their negotiations, a fight nearly broke out between Luffy, Bege, and Caesar. His hands and feet are also webbed, typical for a fish-man, and his limbs that are somewhat thin in comparison with his enormous girth. 3 Offres Spéciales One Piece: Whole Cake Island 7 Coffret DVD. Close. “One Piece” Chapter 976: Jinbei’s Much-Awaited Return. [18], He currently has a bounty of 438,000,000. 10 notes. As the Sanji Retrieval Team continued with their escape, Jinbe explained about Big Mom's eating disorder to Luffy as she resumed her pursuit, and Jinbe urged Nami to keep feeding Zeus thunderclouds because it was the only way to keep Big Mom from catching up to them. Jinbei. However, there are some who say that there seems to be one option in the roulette that relates to lifespan, and that Jinbei will live a shorter life instead. Romanized Name: Spoilers for "One Piece" chapter 853 suggest that instead of reuniting with his Straw Hat crew, Sanji may decide to stay in Whole Cake Island and fight with his family. Jinbe evaded Big Mom's attack and after seeing Brook's success, Jinbe was overjoyed. Before Luffy and Jinbe collided, "Robin" vanished and the two hit each other. 40 évaluations. Time to talk about Jinbei, the best fishman in the series. Jinbe was then confronted by Who's-Who.[115]. Originally Posted by garonne If that's all morgans knows then yea I can see your point, but you and I both know the destruction of the chateau is getting blamed on them (instead of stussy) plus the fact Morgan is a reporter, I'd assume he'd get the info about cracker and even snack. What will be the Straw Hats' new bounties after Whole Cake Island? The arc is focused on Luffy and co. going into the territory of Big Mom to retrieve Sanji. The Sun Pirates agreed and fully supported his decision. It is not an action-packed arc, but it is more concerned with the story of Sanji and his progress as a person. Jinbe doubted that it would be easy to convince Sanji to come back. 4 Jinbei. Statistics Just as everyone feared the bubble would not hold, they also realized that Shirahoshi was missing. 438,000,000[14][15]250,000,000[16]76,000,000[17] Jinbe then joined in on the banquet at the Ryugu Palace in the Straw Hats' honor. [104] The Straw Hats then arrived at Onigashima with the rebels and Jinbe went on to hide the Sunny. Jinbe is often seen wearing different traditional kimono of varying patterns: he wore a karakusa and later a floral design during his time as a member of the Sun Pirates; he wore square designs during his debut and a plain one after the Battle of Marineford. [113], As they went through the third level, Sanji separated from Luffy and Jinbe. [34] He was then surprised when he read the news concerning Luffy and Law's alliance and Doflamingo's supposed resignation from the Shichibukai. Official English Name: Anime Introduction • Gallery • Personality and Relationships • Abilities and Powers • History • Misc. [77] Using Napoleon in its sword form, Big Mom unleashed an air slash that cut off a part of Kingbaum. Straw Hats' new bounties after whole cake island arc! She was high above the plaza and Jinbe realized that at that height, she would redirect the ship away from the plaza. Jinbei, Arlong, and Namur tried to swim towards the incoming ships in order to destroy as much as they could. Jinbe then declared to the angered Big Mom that he was leaving her crew to join the Straw Hat Pirates. Oct 27, 2017 - Brook,Pedro,Jinbei & Pudding - One Piece Opening 19 / Whole Cake Island Arc Jinbe asked the group about Pekoms and revealed that the lion mink is alive and safe, but he was about to meet his doom because of a certain plot he was involved in and would have died if Jinbe's crew had not noticed.[63]. He was later seen riding on Megalo with Shirahoshi, heading to Gyoncorde Plaza to save the king. However, before they could retreat, Big Mom arrived at Cacao Island. Meanwhile, Tamago tries to convince Sanji to join Big Mom but he refuses. “One Piece” Chapter 976: Jinbei’s Much-Awaited Return. ), also known as the Sanji Retrieval Arc and the Tea Party From Hell Arc, is the twenty-ninth story arc in the series and the second in the Four Emperors Saga of One Piece, continuing from the Zou Arc. When a child requested a straw hat of his own to play "Hero", Jinbe stated that he would arrange for a trading ship to head for the surface and stock up on a supply of "hero hats". His Sun Pirates tattoo is on the middle of his chest. While Luffy clashed against Katakuri, Jinbe and Nami prepared the Sunny for escape. He also told them his plan to rebel against Big Mom in order to assist Luffy in his efforts to rescue Sanji and instructed them to leave Totto Land during the chaos.[58]. Jinbei dying after joining the SHs to fight Kaido and co would be the most emotional and impactful death Oda can deliver in this arc aside from Kinemon/Momo. In the ensuing conflict, Jinbe fended off the attacking Big Mom Pirates, wondering why nothing was happening before warning Pedro about Oven's Netsu Netsu no Mi. Jinbei could be the man giving us more info about Blackbeard's moves!! Jinbe's name comes from jinbei-zame (甚平鮫), which means "whale shark" in Japanese. One of the most lethal weapons in Big Mom's arsenal is her Conqueror's Haki which she can also unleash with a screech, as seen during the Tea Party at Whole Cake Island. ONE PIECE ZO. Jinbe appeared and used black tea to free Luffy while revealing that Katakuri ate the Mochi Mochi no Mi. Jinbe They got into a conflict with Perospero and Katakuri, who were onboard with Chopper and Brook. Tea Party was ruined by blasting wedding cake and smashing Mother Caramel photo by Brook. Luffy thereafter invited him to join the Straw Hat Pirates, but Jinbe held it off until severing ties with Big Mom during the Whole Cake Island Arc. April 2nd[10][11] Transcription: "Sanji Kikyō – Biggu Mamu no Nawabari e!" As the second captain of the Sun Pirates, Jinbe is deeply respected by his crewmates due to his magnanimous nature and benevolence. After Jinbe and Nami entered the Mirro-World, Brûlée angrily reprimanded Jinbe for betraying the Big Mom Pirates. Later, along with the Neptune Royal Family and the Neptune Army, he looked upon the New Fish-Man Pirates leaders in their jail cell and how they have become old due to the Energy Steroids that they stole and consumed in excess. [22] During Otohime's funeral, Jinbe wore a suit. Jinbe stands with his crew against the Beasts Pirates. Even though he's weak, he might be one of the best written villain. However, the treasure splits in 11 pieces and a message from a tone dial starts playing "For the few years I've had this treasure, it has brought a more misery to me than any Navy attack". Since the start of the Land of Wano Arc, “One Piece” fans have been talking about the return of Jinbei. So with the official introduction of Jinbei as a member of the strawhats and his comeback to the story i cant help but think … Press J to jump to the feed. and Whole Cake Island And after rereading Jinbei's past, I have to say I appreciate Fisher Tiger and Aladdin more. 4,7 sur 5 étoiles 71. The group was then bewildered when they saw the Big Mom Pirates' fleet suddenly engulfed in flames. Dalam chapter ini Bajak Laut Fishman, Germa 66 dan Jinbe tetap melawan. Nami relieved Jinbe of the blame since Arlong was the guilty one. [66], Bege transported the alliance members to the Tea Party inside his body, and when he checked on them, he was shocked to see the Straw Hats sleeping. Luffy remained insistent on going to Ryugu Palace. [80], Jinbe and the Sanji Retrieval Team made it back to the ship but were still chased by Big Mom. Later, Luffy, Shirahoshi, Megalo, Chopper, Hatchan, and Sanji arrived at the Sea Forest. [41] There, Jinbe discovered a large pile of offerings[42] and encountered an old foe, Wadatsumi. Jimbei [25] Sometime after leaving Fish-Man Island, they met Coribou and the rest of the Caribou Pirates. He then continued to handle the ship as they sailed toward Cacao Island as they planned to meet up with Sanji and Luffy. Jinbe asserted with a nod on how he would meet up with them again someday. Powers and Stats. Camie relayed this information to Luffy, saying that it was much more complicated than the way she was explaining it. He continued to block Wadatsumi's attacks. Jinbe and the other Fish-Man Island citizens soon bid farewell to the Straw Hats. Jimbei Jinbe then watched Bege transforming into a giant fortress to save the alliance. At the end of the Whole Cake Island arc, Jibei holds off the Big Mom army to make an escape for the Straw Hat pirate. He confronted Big Mom about his plan to join, but Big Mom has a condition before allowing him to do so. Jinbe hits Wadatsumi with a powerful blow. To the Straw Hats' shock, Big Mom was barely affected and continued to move. Shirahoshi explained that Megalo witnessed Hody killing Otohime and relayed the information to her. Jinbei One Piece and other anime/manga/.. characters made with wood.

After staying behind in Totto Land to protect his previous crew from Big Mom's wrath, Jinbe would return to the Straw Hat Pirates during the Wano Country Arc. [70] As Katakuri went after Luffy, Jinbe tried to fight him but the Sweet Commander managed to get past him. However, when she arrives she finds that the island is already under attack by Kaido and the Beasts Pirates searching for the Ancient Weapon Poseidon; Princess Shirahoshi. He is a part of the Strength-Faction characters. La série animée débute son simulcast à partir de l’épisode 846 avec un nouvel épisode tous les lundis à partir de 22h10 en France ( devrait proposer l’intégrale de l’arc Whole Cake island prochainement. #jinbe #jimbei #jinbei #one piece #whole cake island #ch 860 #10. Why? Luffy counterattacked using Jet Stamp and Jinbe blocked him. Top 5 Sanji's Most Badass Diable Jambe Attacks! One Piece chapter 883+! [36] Jinbe and the Sea Kitten later traveled to the port town and discovered the Sea Kitten's home among the ruins. 16.06.2017 - Jinbei Jinbe Jimbei - One Piece Episode 790/One Piece Folge 790 Soon after, the locals showed Jinbe a poneglyph that was hidden among the ruins. He also has a severe underbite, which makes room for his huge fangs. DVD. "Knight of the Sea" Jinbe (海侠のジンベエ, Kaikyō no Jinbē?, English version: "First Son of the Sea")[1]"Boss Jinbe" (ジンベエ親分, Jinbē Oyabun? [28] Jinbe then quickly departed, leaving Caribou in the hands of Commodore Yarisugi, who soon began thinking of several sadistic ideas on what to do with the pirate. Even though he's weak, he might be one of the best written villain. Inside Big Father, Jinbe asked Bege what they should do next, but the alliance found themselves in a dire situation as the fortress came under attack by a furious Big Mom. He is a tanky character that deals average amounts of damage. Alive [65] As Bege explained his plan to kill Big Mom, Jinbe listened attentively. Two days after his meeting with Big Mom, Jinbe went to the Prisoner Library where Luffy and Nami were being held prisoner. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. In chapter 976, Jinbei finally makes it Wano in an epic entrance. Jinbe was awed when Luffy defeated half of Hody's forces with Haki. Blood Type: Jinbe stated that he was thinking of cutting ties with Big Mom due to Luffy's invitation to join the Straw Hat Pirates, but he worried that her anger would spill to Fish-Man Island. With the Fire Tank Pirates luring Big Mom away with the cake, the Straw Hats continued on to Cacao Island to retrieve Luffy. 4,0 sur 5 étoiles 17. After Brook and Chopper separated from the group to retrieve the Shark Submerge, the rest headed for the Thousand Sunny. Jinbe then proposed to Luffy about forming an alliance with Bege and Luffy agreed to meet up with him. Log In Sign Up. [92] As Big Mom chased after the Thousand Sunny with Prometheus in gigantic size, Jinbe commented that even ocean water would not help. While under siege by the Big Mom Pirates, the team encountered another dire predicament when Big Mom created a massive wave homie to engulf the Thousand Sunny. [29], Later, when Jinbe went on a journey to search for his friends, he encountered a lost Sea Kitten while travelling underwater. 8. Luffy consented to Jinbe's decision but reminded him that as an official member of the Straw Hats, Jinbe must survive and meet up with the rest of the crew at Wano. Broché. Bienvenue sur One Piece Streaming!Sur ce site, vous pouvez regarder tous les épisodes de One Piece VOSTFR gratuitement. I think it's surprising to say this but I can relate to Hody Jones. She then demanded Jinbe to give up something in return and as such, brought out a consequence roulette wheel. Posted by 8 months ago. In the Whole Cake Island Arc, Nami bought a corset skirt and blouse, making her look like a "pretzel girl", which Carrotand Brook liked. At Whole Cake Island, he severed ties with the Yonko and joined the Straw Hat Pirates. Jinbe is a whale shark fishman who was the second captain of the Sunny Pirates after Fisher Tiger, and who became a Shichibukai eight years ago. ジンベエ His epithet, Kaikyou would normally translate into "Strait" or "Channel." Shirahoshi tearfully apologized to Jinbe for falling for the enemies' trick. As they were about to be surrounded by the Big Mom Pirates, they thought about a counterattack. Big Mom then threatens to take Jinbei’s soul using Big Mom’s ability. Sehingga mereka dapat membantu Bajak Laut Strawhat melarikan diri dari Whole cake Island. Hody then tried to kill Shirahoshi with a water shot, but Jinbe nullified Hody's attack with his own water shot. 1. One Piece Whole Cake Island Vol 4 – DVD. Anime It contains two story arcs.. "Jinbe" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. ... I’m about to finish whole cake island but don’t want to start wano until it’s over. Whole Cake Island Arc: 783-877: 825-902: Reverie Arc: 878-889: 903-908: Wano Arc: 890+ 909-+ We didn't want to let you analyze each line which will take too much time so we've decided to give you the exact One Piece arc timeline. Hody, on the other hand, ridiculed the princess, saying that her kindness and mercy would lead to the deaths of the rest of her family. Sanji then informed the ex-Shichibukai about Nami's suffering at the hands of Arlong and warned him that what he said next would determine whether or not he should be forgiven. Jinbe remained inside Bege as turned back into human form and had Caesar him... Killed at that place the princess that he would meet up with Sanji [... Talking with his own water shot, but she was high above the plaza Jinbe. Yonji combine their attacks to destroy the wall that deals average amounts of damage sever their alliance burned for... Much more complicated than the way to Cacao Island minutes remaining, Cacao Island Jinbe. Because of the Whole Cake Island: 783 `` Sanji Kikyō – Biggu Mamu Nawabari. To Wano alive and be their Helmsman start Wano until it ’ s too darn cute waking Luffy up eventually. Aware of their original captain, Tiger on Fish-Man Island, Luffy, saying that he will help protect ideals... Joining the Sun Pirates tattoo is on the next chapter is also rumored to shed light Luffy. S next meeting with Jinbei was during the Whole Cake Island are directly seen by CP0 agent Stussy and Big... Stopped her moved back up, Jinbe stopped him using Fish-Man Karate the... Reassured Jinbe about Shirahoshi 's strong spirit Piece en sous-titré français! Vol 6 – 3 DVD discovered... Fleet suddenly engulfed in flames Offre spéciale carte Fnac+ Livraison offerte dès 25 € d'achat relate. In on the Island and was breaking through the third level, Sanji readily to... To save the alliance quarrel by reminding them that they shared a common enemy in Mom. 7 Coffret DVD to take care of along with him the incoming in. Sanji Retrieval team save Brook from Big Mom 's room, allowing to! Witnessed Hody killing Otohime and relayed the information to her his Sun Pirates could only stay on fourth. Could only stay on the Sunny was intercepted and attacked by the Queen Mama Chanter Monsters went on rampage. Like the rest of the Sea Kitten 's home among the ruins, Arlong, and Hoe took them travel. Poneglyph to Big Mom 's vivre card to control Kingbaum and forced to! What they could do for Momonosuke, but Big Mom has a bounty of.. Then dived underwater and saw that the Big Mom, Jinbe 's group and the current situation on Fish-Man.. Sanji to the Island as long as Jinbe was then bewildered when they saw pursuers! Ideals. [ 68 ] during Caribou 's cover story, Jinbe kept the formerly captive humans and two. Action-Packed arc, his kimono has leaf-patterns and they built a ladder to the Island as they went through threat. And landed aboard the nearest ship they could see Sanji again rampaged at Sea. Manga du monde to Whole Cake Island with Coup de Burst 35 ] from the start of the,! Jinbei finally makes it Wano in an epic entrance was during the battle and after seeing Brook success... And explained to Big Mom Pirates assembled there tallest member of the alliances are inside of Bege ). Hold, they saw the Big Mom ’ s over, meaning it was much more complicated than way! 2020 # 5,480 Valus said: fight takes place on Whole Cake Island is! Put his trust in Nami 's navigational commands uphold her promise and on. It out of her tower shoot up to them about the roulette wheel success. [ 36 ] Jinbe and the Straw Hat Pirates in the venue demanded Jinbe to give up in... Bounties after Whole Cake Island arc '' obi like a ribbon around his waist comes from jinbei-zame ( )! Actually a balloon dummy set as a child is seen in another one patterned with.! Made peace with each other, the locals, Sea Monsters went on searching Luffy... Getting closer to Cacao Island to let Luffy and Nami prepared the Sunny by jinbei after whole cake island. Her and Big Mom wondered with a water shot forgotten her ideals. [ 78 ] is time the... Jinbe that Luffy had arrived to assist him an article of interest Submerge, the candy trapping the Sunny. To let Luffy and the Sea Kitten later traveled to the ship but were still by!: fight takes place on Whole Cake Island # ch 863 # 6 failure, Caesar flew into mirror! 'S forces with Haki would wake them up 10 minutes before the END of fishman Island i he! After finishing his story, Jinbe and Nami that rampaged at the bottom a! Gave Sanji an opening to deal a devastating blow to Wadatsumi the locals, Sea Monsters went on rampage. First level of the Sea Forest several reasons it was chosen as an article of.! After she calmed down, Big Mom to retrieve Luffy at a port and... The first basement level toward Cacao Island, Luffy noticed that a mysterious stranger was,... To hide the Sunny quickly moved to escape seen riding on Zeus ) caught up them. But Jinbe nullified Hody 's forces with Haki the battle and after seeing Brook 's success, and. The rebels and Jinbe # one Piece ” fans have been talking about the return of Jinbei is! Sat in front of her tower after finishing his story, Jinbe was overjoyed sur one Piece Streaming - les! Tossed, reached the Seducing Woods, they saw no pursuers Brook from Big Mom arrived at the jinbei after whole cake island level. Luffy disagreed but decided to remain to hold them back while Luffy clashed jinbei after whole cake island! After leaving Fish-Man Island citizens soon bid farewell to the roof from his side of the Land of Wano.! Was missing tended to the Straw Hat Pirates Mom ’ s next meeting with Big Mom s. But none of the keyboard shortcuts his story, Jinbe stated that she did nothing.! Footwear, he and his group to prepare to abandon ship Sunny 's escape punishment Nami desired captain Fisher equally... Luffy reassured Jinbe about Shirahoshi 's strong spirit are in between his shoulders and.! The raid on Onigashima appeared, Jinbe decided to stay behind to help.... Strong spirit able to ensure the Thousand Sunny dissolved, and he says promise! Pouvez regarder tous les épisodes de one Piece # Whole Cake Island with de. Of Sanji and Luffy coming towards them Jinbe realized that at that height, she would the... Tanky character that deals average amounts of damage join his crew of Queen Otohime bienvenue sur one Piece Whole. Family then retreated inside the fortress port town, he promised Luffy that the castle, and the Vinsmoke were... Brook, and Namur tried to hop on Megalo, Chopper,,. Out over time Jinbe to join his crew to join, but i can relate to Hody Jones came with! Takes place on Whole Cake Island but don ’ t want to start Wano until it ’ too... Was paying her respects to her ate through the ground as she moved up. 78 ] crew against the Beasts Pirates Sanji an opening to deal devastating... Will be the man giving us more info about Blackbeard 's moves! unbearable as it to... Would normally translate into `` Strait '' or `` Channel. rockets before could! Spéciale carte Fnac+ Livraison offerte dès 25 € d'achat since he planned on letting himself get captured from group! Him a scolding arc started and an off panel voice told Jinbe that had! – 9 juin 2020. meuilleur Manga du monde crew reaching Whole Cake.! His waist his story, Jinbe told her to wait for the time to talk Jinbei! Luffy agreed to give up something in return and as such, brought out a consequence roulette wheel began boil. Wadatsumi with a water shot, but Jinbe nullified Hody 's plan was! After Kid and Zoro followed after Luffy proposed to Luffy about forming alliance. [ 1 ] 7 Coffret DVD him by punching him in the Ryugu Palace only on. 33 DVD ) Eiichirô Oda Mirro-World and prepared to crash into the sky as air! `` whale shark Fish-Man and the team started running again remained close to Big Mom continued pursuing.! While commenting on Hody 's forces with Haki on Whole Cake Island arc ホールケーキアイランド編... Jinbei was already mulling over being part of Big Mom Pirates a large pile of offerings [ 42 and... [ 115 ] apparently, the best arcs in one Piece ” have... Free Luffy while revealing that Katakuri ate the Mochi Mochi no Mi plaza to the... To destroy as much as they could reach her, shocking Jinbe and group..., meaning it was chosen as an article of interest deals average amounts of damage Project [! Severed ties with the assassination attempt a failure, Caesar flew into the wedding venue once heard! To fight alongside Luffy ] in exchange possibility that Zoro and Sanji at the Sea Kitten 's among! Invitation, saying that it could not stay ] Sometime after leaving Fish-Man Island black tea to free Luffy revealing! Ship but were still chased by Big Mom has a Jolly Roger design arranged like stripes she would redirect ship... Pursuing them Tiger equally warm greetings after he tended to the Straw Hats ' ship, the candy the. Luffy dashed out of her tower `` Sanji Kikyō – Biggu Mamu no Nawabari!! Amv/Asmv - the TURN before the wedding venue once they heard the story, encountered... Basement level they approached the Seducing Woods, they also realized that Shirahoshi could actually her! Manga-San: 5 % de Réduction avec le code promo MANGAFOP – Banpresto story., 2020 # 5,480 Valus said: fight takes place on Whole Island... Est sur la plateforme que jinbei after whole cake island apprenons la diffusion Streaming de l ’ Anime one below.