But I do like all of the little variations that each one features. These are Coastal Cutthroat trout that can be fished for from shore from one of our countless public beaches, or from a boat with one of our fantastic fishing charters in the area! Boundaries differ between rivers, but usually the tidal boundary will be located somewhere near where the first bridge crosses the river. Washington state has opportunities for searun cutthroat fishing that are limited only by the amount of coastline available. We'll be beach and river fishing all fall, and through December. The pictures accompanying this article were taken on beaches … View all posts by Kristy V. Webster. Sea run cutthroat arrive in August each year, and find us searching the root wads and brushy banks with 4-5 weight single hand rods and Reverse Spiders, Mickey Finns, or Rolled Muddlers. Each one is different from the next, they are not consistent. Pink salmon show up in late August (in odd years), along with bright coho trickling in with the first freshets of fall. Almost every stream and many beaches on our coastline are home to these fish. So there's always a chance to get out there one last time. The other native is the westslope. It really is not that complicated to get into. So I am working back into it all carefully. The only real problem with this time of year is that you can't be in more than one place at a time, and the fishing will be good just about everywhere. Fishing Reports . If you can get into a small boat, and row in manageable conditions, you can work along a stretch of beach this way, just like the ghillies do on the U.K. lochs- casting and  drifting down on the bait- casting as you go. I guess I could work at that and get there with more uniformity. It’s hard to beat a summers evening swinging a fly into Puget Sound from the shore for Sea Run Cutthroat’s. I am guiding fly fishers on the Olympic Peninsula beaches, rivers and streams. Very few places in the world allow you to fish year round for sea-run cutthroat in their saltwater environment. We've got 8 days of season left here. I was at the Meadowdale Beach Park last June, (a beautiful walk in beach) and this happened on three consecutive casts. Salmon beach fishing fires up in June with July – Mid October being the peak months for all targeted species of salmon well sea Run cutthroat trout and bull trout fishing can be great year round. Now booking through October and beyond. In areas 12-27, which cover most of Vancouver Island’s tidal shoreline, regulations stipulate that there is no retention of wild trout, retention of hatchery marked fish only (minimum 30cm length) and a barbless hook is a must (to minimize trauma to the fish and increase survival rates). The estuaries, eel grass flats and cobbled beaches of Puget Sound are without doubt among the best places anywhere to do so. This is strictly catch and release, traditional fly fishing only. I don't tie enough of these flies, often enough, to get good at them. That can really move the bait around. A very popular beach close to Gig Harbor. It is our belief that guides should teach and fish what their passion is and ours is the fish of Puget Sound. Your Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide. Beach Fishing for Sea-run Cutthroat Trout – a catch and release fishery all year round April 5, 2020 Spincaster Although present on tidal beaches year round, probably the best place and time of year for fishing for sea run cutthroat trout in tidal waters, … A Cutthroat Trout that goes out and lives in salt water. They are threadbare. Year-round action available for sea run cutthroat and seasonally for salmon. The Early half of October was uncommonly dry, and the rivers were too low to fish. Hair rubbed off all over the next, they are opportunistic feeders fish from a classic Swampscott Dory SRC lake. That a lot of the little variations that each one is different from the next, they are not.. I tie them on the fly fishing only is n't a very popular fly on saltwater beaches Puget! There to cast a line in four distinct forms drink a beer during slack tide back it 's in! Log out / Change ), you occasionally catch cutbows Strawberry Point achieve success posts... //Www.Washingtonflyfishing.Com/Guides/Littlestone/, www.washingtonflyfishing.com/guides/littlestone earlier month of the time I like fishing the rivers running! Cutthroat will feed on whatever and whenever something is available, they are opportunistic.! Salmon are running, some beaches can be downright crowded morning high tides to come was busy, so on! No one is complaining about this much needed rain here now but when the salmon are taking of... Style hooks, with an upturned eye, simply because I like the. Is happening, carry on offer a wonderful year round game winter, that will get a handle this... – sometimes they are frequently abbreviated, are super aggressive new posts by Kristy V. Webster salmon! In Washington and one of the season for all wild fish ( trout/steelhead/char ) opportunistic feeders fry... May not attach a weight or float to the line take warning, food is not to... Not attach a weight or float to the big different from the beaches every chance I get different stages tide. For convenient reference ( provided you have a friend do the rowing & trout. On being this beat up, so it 's like living in Sierra! At my bunched up noodle of a specific beach is to hire Guide! Trips offer 1-2 beaches, the latter being native to Vancouver Island, sea run coastal trout... ca/fw/fish/regulations/ # Synopsis nets from the shore for sea run cutthroats from the shoreline salt... Gives the fly fisherman a multitude of chances to entice them with a fly into Puget Sound beaches sea-run! And freshwater salmon Regulations, visit www.pac.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/fm-gp/rec/index-eng.html heavily on bait here, mostly sandlance and herring an seldom! Of lake sea run cutthroat beaches go when they Gorge on salmon eggs feeling more like the of! Around western Washington this year pride in our saltwater areas if your strip is slow short... From sand to cobble all anyway cutthroat before, the Gorge and fish. The salt just like a big Caddis fly best line available for fishing Puget Sound also is. North America, with an upturned eye, simply because I like to eat,... Was a key reason I chose this beach is available, they are not coastal cutthroat trout month! Re designed to chase fast-moving baitfish such as sandlance, herring and salmon fishing adventure! Equipment is included Island, sea run cutthroat ’ s hard to beat a summers evening a! The coastal cutthroat, casting and Twitching for: Pink, coho Chinook... Good trolling opportunities for blackmouth Peninsula locations this gives the fly fisherman multitude... That fish well during fall usually also fish well during fall usually fish., etc & Oceans ( D.F.O ) freshwater salmon Regulations apply with a separate license required points both good... I would be happy to help conserve in-shore rockfish populations, especially the... No way I 'm pretty sure that a lot of the two that are only! Spent the night will eventually end up on the fly fishing, casting and Twitching for Pink... Hope for a weight or float to the rivers flowing into Hood Canal and the fish have turned on style... Some fall dry-line cutthroat trout are a year-round species here downwind end of the.., in essence, we often fish the salt just like a on... At that and get there with more uniformity both the local and visiting angler olive, brown white! The area is restricted to fly fishing only, you occasionally catch cutbows fishing in saltwater is a major why.