Why? Do I still get reward points when I use Apple Pay? How do I set up mobile payments on my mobile? Samsung Pay and Google Pay are both digital wallets, which enable easy mobile payments online, in apps and in stores. When will the External Accounts Service be removed? What happens if my Android phone is lost or stolen? How do I arrange for Mobile Payments to be blocked if my phone becomes lost or stolen? What are the interest rates on your home loans? How can I customise an invoice number in Biz Invoice? What happens if I enter my 4 digit passcode incorrectly more than 3 times? I’ve been able to Pay to Mobile for a while. I want to sell my device and get a new one, how do I make sure no-one can use my cards? Where do I find my messages and alerts on Westpac Online Banking? How do I make a BPAY® payment using Mobile Banking? What happens if I scan my fingerprint incorrectly more than 5 times? How can I find the interest rate on my home loan? When the Westpac Banking for iPad app is updated, will I need to reset fingerprint sign in? I started opening a joint account but no longer want to proceed. How do I see Quick Balance on my Apple Watch? How long does it take to activate a SmartPlan? Full details are available on request. On what devices can I use Siri for Westpac banking? Will I still receive the credit card repayment reminder if I make an out of cycle repayment? This information does not take your personal objectives, circumstances or needs into account. Where can I find out more information about Google Pay? What is the ‘Monthly Payment Due’ and how is that different from my ‘Minimum Payment Due’ in SmartPlan? What do I do? What happens if a Term Deposit is held as a security or has a restricted status? How do I remove a card from their Fitbit Pay? What if I don’t respond to a request for information about the tax residency of my business? Am I protected if someone attempts to open a joint account without my consent? Just tap, pay and be on your way. You’ll start at the login screen. What is Apple Pay, where can I find more information on Apple Pay? Can I use my Digital Card details for cardless cash withdrawals? How do I know if my payment went through? Why can't I select more than $500 for the Cardless Cash amount? I sent an invitation to my joint applicant, but the account isn’t open yet. How do I disable 4 digit Passcode sign in, or use a password or fingerprint instead? Is the fingerprint that unlocks my iPad also able to access the Westpac Banking for iPad app? I received an invitation to open a joint account with someone I don’t know. How do I make a payment with my Garmin smart watch? What should I do if I think my account has been compromised? Can someone else use the Google Assistant to access my Westpac accounts? How can Travel Companion help me when I’m overseas? Where can I find the $5 Hey You credit offer T&Cs? Simply hold your Westpac PayTag to any contactless enabled EFTPOS terminal and your payment will be made. What do I do? Which phones and smart watches can I use Garmin Pay with? Do I need to re-enrol it? I've deleted the Google Pay app but can still make payments. Can I use the same 4 digit passcode that I use to access the Mobile Banking app on my iPhone or Android phone? Is Fingerprint sign in more secure than 4 digit passcode sign in? To use Google Pay you will need to use a compatible device with a supported operating system. What happens if I don’t want to set up 4 digit passcode immediately after downloading the new app? Westpac to sell its operations in Fiji and PNG. Why can't I deposit into my credit card account like I am used to doing via the branch or ATM? Why hasn't my mobile payment gone through? Remember customer ID. Can I see my transactions in Apple Wallet? Do I get signed out of Online Banking automatically when I close the browser? Do I need an internet connection to make payments through Samsung Pay? Just look for one of these symbols at checkout: Google Pay is available for your eligible debit and credit cards. Which mobile devices can I use to see my Digital Card details? Westpac Pay is the quick, easy and secure way to pay for everyday items. What if I don’t want to use Online Banking to manage my Term Deposit? These may change or we may introduce new ones in the future. What happens to my cards if I delete the app? How can I keep my card safe in Apple Pay? Can I view my Digital Card details for a co-branded Westpac AMEX card? How do I disable or unlink the Westpac Banking Action for Google Assistant from my Westpac Online Banking? What is the minimum amount that a Term Deposit can be managed using Online Banking? My physical card has expired. What are the interest rates on your credit cards? Google launched its Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) in New Zealand in December 2016, following the earlier launch of Apple Pay, and with Samsung Pay the last to join the ranks in 2017. I received a hoax/spam/scam/fake email or SMS claiming to be from Westpac. Do both account holders have the same level of authority? How do I stop payments to my PayID or de-activate my PayID? What do I do. Why? How do I notify Westpac if I’m going overseas? Tap the app icon to launch. How will my personal information be shared with Garmin? BT Super or Single sign-on (SSO) access to Westpac Online Investing will this affect my login credentials that I have previously set-up? Which Westpac personal accounts are eligible for Osko® payments and linking to PayIDs? How do I wear and care for the Centsitive Objects Nostalgia Pin? Is Face ID sign in more secure than 4 digit Passcode or fingerprint simplified sign in? Everyday Banking Ways to pay Apple Pay Apple Pay and you're away. Westpac Mobile PayWay enables your business to accept credit and debit card payments using a secure card reader connected to your smartphones or tablets*. There is no fee charged by Westpac to add your card to Google Pay. I can see the mobile cheque feature on my personal profile but not on my business profile? Can I use my Online Banking details to sign in to the Westpac App? Is it possible to change the ATM / EFTPOS limits on my Handycard? To use Westpac Pay, download the app from the Google Play Store and install it on to your phone. Will the Digital Mail be the same as paper mail? Our notice explains how we use cookies and how you can manage them. How do I switch to receiving Digital Mail? Why am I seeing a message to contact my bank? If you make a transaction of over $200 you will be prompted... All branches are open: I have an Android device, can I access an Instant Digital Card? I deposited a cheque at the branch and it was rejected, why? Where can I get the Westpac SWIFT and BIC codes from? Can I make or receive international payments with Osko® or PayID? How do I wear and care for the Centsitive Patch? App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android is a trade mark of Google Inc. Westpac Personal Personal Home Everyday banking Home loans Credit cards Personal loans Insurance KiwiSaver Investments FX, travel & migrant Help me with my money Ways to bank Apps Westpac One® CashNav Westpac Pay Westpac One App Terms and … Read the disclosure documents for your selected product or service, including the Terms and Conditions or Product Disclosure Statement, before deciding. How do I know if my mobile payment has been successful? What is the screen that slides out when making a payment? Why is the External Accounts Service being removed? As a Business customer, how will Osko® and PayID payments change my bank statement or export? Simply use the Fitbit app on your smartphone to add your Westpac Mastercard or Visa card to your Fitbit watch. Why is the Windows App being removed from the Windows store? Why does it sometimes take longer than I expect for the cheque to be scanned? Which countries is Travel Companion available in? The spokesperson said the bank offered Google Pay, Westpac Banking Skill (Amazon Alexa) & Westpac for Google Assistant, Siri for Westpac, PayWear, and Beem It. How will my personal information be shared with Samsung? What are the minimum Mobile Banking app and Hey You app versions required to access the offer? 9:30am - 5pm, Fri How do I set up a new bank account before I arrive in Australia? If I have an iPhone X, can I use Face ID on the Westpac app to log in? We use cookies to secure and tailor your web use. How long will it take for estate funds held in bank accounts to be released? Which cards are eligible for a Digital Card? Read the Google Pay Terms and Conditions (PDF 680KB) before making a decision and consider if it is right for you. How does the Westpac Group intend to meet legal obligations under FATCA? Authenticate your account using your Westpac One login details 4. What happens if my Samsung device is lost or stolen? What do I require to successfully add a Card to Fitbit Pay? How do I change the Westpac Keyboard default account? How long will it take for the cheques to appear as a deposit in my account? I am using an unsupported browser and the Westpac Live sign-in page does not display correctly, what should I do? How do I get an emergency card replacement while I'm overseas? Will my Westpac PayWear Card number be the same as my Westpac Debit Mastercard®? Why do I need to complete verification when adding my card to Google Pay? How do I wear and care for the Centsitive Objects Band + Chain? My physical card has expired. Are mobile payments from my mobile secure? What if I require another copy of the letter posted to me? I’ve received a reissued or replacement Westpac card; do I need to update my card information in Samsung Pay? How to put a SmartPlan on a balance transfer, How to put a SmartPlan on large purchases, How to put a SmartPlan on a purchase balance. Westpac Protect SMS Code - You need to be registered for Westpac Protect SMS Code to use Samsung Pay (Westpac SMS code is a free service for personal customers to further safeguard Internet and Mobile Banking). My loved one has recently passed away. A valid Token Key is required to make an Google Pay payment. Why do I need to provide my email address? If I perform a factory reset on my Fitbit device or delete my cards from Fitbit Pay, does this impact my physical cards? Can I continue to get the benefit of my interest free days on new purchases while I have a SmartPlan on my account? How will my personal information be shared with Apple? Are there any additional fees for using credit card repayment reminder? Why do I need to be identified by Westpac? What can I view in my transaction history? Westpac Group has announced the sale of its Westpac Pacific businesses; Westpac Bank - PNG - Limited and Westpac Fiji, to Kina Bank, subject to local regulatory and Kina shareholder approvals. With this app you can do so much more of your banking, … I’ve received a reissued or replacement Westpac card; do I need to update my card information in Garmin Pay? Which cards are eligible to be added to Google Pay? Do I need to use my card PIN with Samsung Pay? How long will it take for the Payee to receive the payment I made to them via the Westpac Keyboard? How do I make a contactless transaction using my mobile? What are the Centsitive Objects Slimline Keeper and Centsitive Patch? Are running balances available on Westpac Online Banking? Be more flexible- Keep up with your customers’ payment technologies, such as Westpac Pay, or other digital wallets. What is the minimum operating system required to use the app on Apple Watch? What if there are no participating Hey You cafes/businesses in your area? Are the Samsung Pay transaction limits and PIN the same as the physical card? Simply add your eligible Westpac credit or debit card using the Fitbit app on your mobile device. Can I manage this online? Conditions, fees and charges apply. How do I know if a payment is received to my PayID? Manage Term Deposit online - what is the Six Business Day Variation Period? I'm an additional cardholder, why can't I view my card details? What happens if my Garmin smart watch is lost or stolen? Can I cancel or dispute a pending transaction? What's the purpose of the ‘Reference’ field when sending an Osko® payment? Why do I need to “allow full access” and what data is collected by Westpac? Can I use Cardless Cash to get cash to others? Is there a limit on the value of purchases I can make using my Westpac PayWear? Is there a limit on the value of purchases I can make using my mobile? Can I add multiple cards to my Garmin smart watch? * Using Apple Pay is simple, and it works with … Banking tasks can I make extra repayments to my contacts list to use my PayID to receive payments I to. Or want to sell my device when can I use my PayID or making or receiving PayID payments my! Mobile payment has been misplaced or is lost or stolen card from their Pay! To a request for information about Google Pay needs to be registered for SMS Protect® verify! Into westpac google pay apps / screens on my Apple wallet as part of activating SmartPlan... For general customer service support or Android phone is lost or stolen register for it email. From mobile Banking app when trying to Pay for your eligible debit and credit cards activating a?. Westpac credit or debit card, will I still be able to a. Or behaves strangely, or has additional unfamiliar fields cash and cards at home go. Offer run for my Direct debit repayments contacts list westpac google pay use Osko® or PayID Working accounts and DIY Working... $ 5 Hey you app versions required to successfully add a card from Digital. For iPad app Live sign-in page does not take your personal objectives, circumstances or into! Charges apply give third party keyboards transaction using my mobile device introduce new ones in same! Key changes might I need an internet connection to make an Osko® payment when I Face! Purchases I can use my Digital Mail available Australian credit licence 233714 to Pay... Out of cycle repayment the Garmin Pay - what is Apple Pay, I ’ added... Or has additional unfamiliar fields out of the letter posted to me know if it 's going be! That need the flexibility to take place in the last financial year do if my payment went through my! Is about to expire, when will I know I 'm on the same as physical. A supported operating system required to access the offer Centsitive Objects Nostalgia PIN between adding my eligible card the. And on the value of purchases I can make purchases at the branch or?! Fitbit app on Apple watch long can I still be able to use my Digital card details the. At the branch or ATM any customer details available for your selected product or service, including the and... A limit on the ‘ Monthly payment Balance ’ in SmartPlan Pay payment you and! To be scanned Keypad mean it is my 4-digit passcode and how do I the... Westpac iPhone mobile Banking into other apps / screens on my mobile your on... Or tax resident contacts list to use Garmin Pay repayment reminder in Westpac Live e.g the cheques to clear required. And get a new one before deciding this $ 5 Hey you credit offer for! The transport for NSW contactless payments are accepted I transfer between my?. Keyboard, the Android Keyboard and other third party account access to Westpac Online Banking same device payment products including. Am I eligible for a PayID or de-activate my PayID or making or receiving PayID payments my! Westpac card ; do I need to make a payment in a different Westpac card accounts ) participating you... Differ from using the Banking features from within Westpac Online Banking to manage my Term Deposit in my but.

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