If your unit accumulates copies of students’ academic records, you may dispose of them after your office no longer has administrative need of them. One-year Retention Rates of IU Undergrads 10/05 . IUPUI Fall-to-Fall Retention at Any IU There was a difference of 1 percentage point in the 1-year retention rate of those who attended JagBlast or a WOW event versus those who did not. Indiana Project on Retention Conference 2/6-7/2003 . Student Employment/Student Retention Committee Meeting 12/10/07 . For companies to retain their employees, they have to get creative. IUPUI’s coaching program focused on the most “at risk” 21st Century Scholars and saw a similar increase, from a historic retention rate of 50 percent to 63 percent this fall, a 26 percent gain. IUPUI Annual Retention Initiatives Report 2007-2008 . Campus-wide moderate risk students persisted persisted or graduated at a rate of 78.9%, which is significantly lower (p < .001) than the non-Moderate Risk students’ rate of 81.9%. The primary purpose of the IUPUI TRIO Student Support Services is to foster a supportive undergraduate experience that will increase the retention and graduation rates of first-generation and federal income eligible student participants through the provision of intensive services. Retention of student records. In this episode of The ROI Podcast, Mike Petrie breaks down how Merchants Bank of Indiana has kept a 90%+ employee retention rate. Retention 2002-2006 The 2004 retention rate for the America Reads and America Counts Team Leaders was 83%, compared with IUPUI’s 2004 one-year freshman retention rate of 65% and 2004 six-year graduation rate (for the 1998 full-time beginner cohort) of 22.3% (Williams, 2006). At Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis, the graduation rate is 47 % within 150% normal time, the retention rate is 72 %, and the transfer-out rate is 24 %, as of August 31, 2019. 2. Misc. Summit on Retention and Graduation October 8, 2010 . Indiana University-Purdue University—Indianapolis is a public institution that was founded in 1969. IUPUI Proven Benefits In Fall 2018, 4 schools fully engaged and met with 30-40% of their ugrds in first seven weeks. Retained at Any IU Campus Total Matched Students JagBlast or WOW 1,415 79% 1,780 No JagBlast or WOW 1,313 78% 1,694 The difference was not statistically significant. The Office of the Registrar is the official repository for IUPUI students’ final, official academic record. The Indiana University Board of Trustees annually reviews IUPUI tuition and fees, which are set in late spring or summer and are effective for the next full term. IUPUI is within minutes of hundreds of corporations and influential leaders in the health care community. The Federal Student-Right-To-Know Act (SRKA) requires institutions to publish the graduation rates of entering full-time beginners* according to a standard methodology developed by the U.S. Department of Education. 1. In today's economy, employees switch jobs at a much faster rate than their parents and grandparents. Student Retention Team CTE Project 2007 . Graduation rate information is provided for the traditional first-time, full-time fall semester beginning cohorts*, as well as for students involved in intercollegiate athletics. The retention rates shown below, from highest to lowest, are the average proportion of freshmen entering starting in fall 2015 through fall 2018 who returned to school the following fall. You’ll get the hands-on experience you’re looking for and real opportunities to make an impact in our city.