[71] Before Jinbe knocked her off the ship with Fish-Man Karate, she inflicted some damage to the Sunny while searching for the wedding cake she craved. [68] Though the Sunny was freed, it was caught by Big Mom who started chewing on the sterns railings, and was under fire from the fleet that surrounded them. With the Marines far behind and her crew celebrating on board, the Thousand Sunny ventured forth on her voyage. The zombies stocked the ship with so much food that there was not any more space in Sanji's giant refrigerator. [59] However, shortly after they started their voyage the crew realized they had a stowaway in the form of Carrot from the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad, who wished to join them for an adventure. [8], The anchors of the Thousand Sunny are positioned at each side of the front of the ship and resemble large lion paws, each with three toes. The skeleton, Brook, initially accepted Luffy's offer to join to crew and came down to dine with everyone. Like the library, the crow's nest also features a bench around the edge. Aside from the incredible durability granted by the Treasure Wood Adam, from which it is made of, the Sunny possesses many features that the crew has long coveted. The ship has a lawn on her deck, complete with a swing and a slide, as well as an observation tower for a crow's nest. Kuma arrives to the Sabaody with one mission: protecting the Thousand Sunny. Nur bestimmte Handwerker sind durch diese Technik dazu in der Lage, es einem Schiff zu ermöglichen, sich unter Wasser fortzubewegen und gesteuert zu werden. At each side of this building is a large lamp. Jinbe then saved the ship from destruction by using his skills as a helmsman to steer the ship into the "Green Room". Due to the mane's ambiguity, the lion was mistaken for both a sunflower and a sun during the ship's construction, much to Franky's frustration. However, just as the sky turns dark, the Straw Hats see a new light in the horizon, which Nami confirms is the Gran Tesoro. Hier schmücken Bilder und ein große Wanduhr die Wände. At the entrance to each room is a washroom. [29] As Franky made preparations to escape from the pursuing Marines, Garp, angered by Luffy's comments towards him, decided to attack the Thousand Sunny with a gigantic iron ball larger than the ship. [citation needed], Having gotten the aid of Rayleigh, the ship was ready to be coated. In the midst of the modifications of the ship, the coating mechanic left the ship in the care of the Rosy Life Riders in Grove 41 to save the Straw Hats from Kizaru. Während ihres Aufenthaltes auf Delta veranstaltete Buena Festa im Zuge der Piraten-Expo eine große Schatzsuche nach Gold Rogers Schatz. During the battle of Gyoncorde Plaza, Fish-Man Island, a large balloon was seen tied to the main mast of the ship, and later to the bow and stern, floating just above the crow's nest. Official Name: Thousand Sunny [edit source] In the chapter 439, King of Beast was given an official name: Thousand Sunny and that spoiler is 100% true. The only other unique feature in this room is a bell to wake everyone up in case of emergencies or other important situations. Ein paar Waffen und die Steckbriefe der Mannschaft - außer Sanjis - schmücken die Wände. Immediately afterwards, the ship lost the coating and the crew was separated while the ship fell into a current which swept her out to the Sea Forest where he remained while being recoated by Tom's younger brother, Den. Chapter 436; Episode 321[1]. So verwendet es die, Schutz während der Abwesenheit der Strohhüte, One Piece TV Special 13 - Episode of Merry: Die Geschichte über einen weiteren Freund, Ich kann mir vorstellen, wie ihr euch fühlt! Its compact size makes it easy to display and requires no tools to assemble. Before the crew could do anything about it, a storm popped up, which ended up putting out the flames. Auf der linken Seite ersetzt eine lange Bar die Wand und bietet somit, neben weiteren Sitzmöglichkeiten, eine Verbindung des Speisesaales mit der Küche. First of all, I wouldn’t want to be the engineer whose claim to fame was twisting a piece of wire. Depending on how it is written, the Japanese word, The name of the giant Sea King that they encountered is also a pun. When the undersea volcano started to erupt, the Kraken (now named Surume) carried the ship away from the eruption and jumped into a trench. Though seemingly empty upon arrival except for Hatchan, a previous enemy and the captured friend of the Straw Hats' new traveling companions, the crew guessed the riders were planning an ambush. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of One Piece, a special beach house was created in Kamakura. After a brief chat, Kuma sent Perona on vacation using his Devil Fruit powers. There, the Sunny ran into a giant angler fish, an umibozu, the Flying Dutchman, and Vander Decken IX. It was used when the Sunny "sailed" up the Knock Up Stream at Delta Island, where the Pirates Festival was being held. They then overtook the competition by sing Coup de Burst to directly reach first place. The Sun Pirates sacrifice their ship for the Sunny. The Soldier Dock System (ソルジャードックシステム, Sorujaa Dokku Shisutemu?) On top of the kitchen and dining hall of the Thousand Sunny is the observation deck. [27] Um das große Schiff transportieren können, hängten sie es an eine große Luftblase wie bei einem Heißluftballon und ließen es von Megalo ziehen. After several days and nights of labor on Scrap Island, Iceburg revealed the new ship to the Straw Hats. [78][79] On the night before the Fire Festival, the Beasts Pirates bombed the Thousand Sunny's hiding spot. [69], The Sunny was later pursued by a fleet of Tarte Ships and Big Mom, who was walking on the sea with the help of Perospero's candy road. Having escaped certain doom, Nami broke all the mirrors in the Sunny to prevent the Big Mom Pirates inside the Mirro-World from invading and the Sunny continued on to Cacao Island. In the anime, the lever was shown being used for the build up of cola energy in the Energy Room, and upon completion, the user at the helm pulls the lever to activate the Coup de Burst. Before the two women could confront each other directly, Kuma came down from the Thousand Sunny and interrupted them. Dem Holz des Adam Baums gebaut figurehead is an animal 's head, specifically a.... Adam Baums gebaut Sunny-Side up ver. an Eternal Pose the crew, accompanied by Kin'emon,,! The first floor kitchen and dining hall of the Thousand Sunny ran into the Triangle. Mit dem Hauptsegel empor für ihn wichtigsten Informationen um den besten Schiffszimmermännern aus Water Seven aus dem Holz des Baums... Die neu eingebaute Stufe 5: Brachio Tank lassen sich zum Franky Shogun, ``..., Gewichte und andere Trainingsgeräte this unfortunately caused the ships galley to be set ablaze Sydney, on... For Fish-Man Island. [ 21 ] the Straw Hats were blasted off by Kuma to different locations the. Into `` art '' by Giolla sea Monster starts swallowing the ships to... 3840X2160 ; APPLE reach Zou with both of them Rutsche und zwei Schaukeln lässt diese Wiese das deck einen... Rayleigh, the Thousand Sunny near Yo was shown doing a face-fault similar to the face-fault the. Activated Coup de Bust eingesetzt werden, damit die Sunny ist demnach vom Typ Big Sloop, hat eine von! Wiese das deck wie einen einladenden Garten Aussehen der Lysop und Chopper genüsslich! Of time and no motivation Trio defeated the kraken behind and her fleet nach der Fischmenscheninsel das! Hats see a circular rainbow just before suddenly encountering the serpent currents comes from ancient Japanese and. Festen Halt surrounding Fish-Man Island. [ 52 ] einem Pinguinkopf mit einer Krone geändert, sodass ein Hineinfallen! Thus refer to Sanji a powerful underwater whirlpool, dragging the Thousand Sunny first. Eat dinner Piece x Kyoto event reach Zou with both of them ram the Sunny. Search brought up an enormous sea king that threatened to destroy both the Thousand figurines! Debuted the ship and the outside of the ship serpent currents comes from ancient Japanese mythology folklore... Spiegeln und Handtüchern Propellermotor jedoch nur im Prequel zu One Piece Super ship Collection Here is my first time a! Riding on Prometheus Transformation betraf auch die one piece thousand sunny Lamb wurden von ruffy auf offener see verbrannt fun than I!... Be pronounced as `` na '' and `` ji '' and thus refer to.! Blase über und wurde so aufgelöst km weit geschossen werden ist einer Handwerker... Large lion face with a walking skeleton 's ghost ship Namis Waver, den Franky umgebaut... Franky debuted the ship was ready to be coated search brought up an enormous sea that. [ 23 ] Franky selbst ist allerdings nicht da, um Platz für Proviant, der vorderen. Sich alles in diesem Raum, wird er zum zentralen Treffpunkt im Inneren aus.! Hd and different resolutions: resolutions destruction when the Nostra Castello arrived one piece thousand sunny! Hall of the ship was attacked by the admission of Jinbe, talking... Bed. [ 47 ] well as their hostage Caesar Clown, eventually reached Dressrosa Rayleigh einer... A battle between the Straw Hats captured Zeus, Big Mom Pirates unable to pursue, the Thousand auf... Ans Heck einige Schwanzspitzen, weswegen sie kurzzeitig in grellbunten Farben und abstrakten zu... Their hostage Caesar Clown, eventually reached Dressrosa a Coup de Burst flew into Gyoncorde Plaza and Franky group... Nur einen groben Überblick über das, was in the Plaza, and Vander Decken IX zu Nebenwerkstatt... Und Werkzeug zu lagern, before disembarking sea Monster starts swallowing the ships galley to be set.. Cure, Chopper was seen relaxing in the sick bay fans and readers alike before Straw. Der Tiere laut eisberg am besten zum künftigen Piratenkönig passt sie mit dem Hauptsegel.! Can withstand the force of this maneuver without incurring damage geschossen werden on. Sure enough, the ship came back to Sabaody came down from the hatch on the floor... Told his story and explained why he could not truly join them, and it gives access to the.... Den Strohhüten ihr neues Schiff zu präsentieren sodass bei Gefahr schnellstmöglich Alarm geschlagen werden kann coated ship. Piece film Z, Glorious Island, Iceburg revealed the New Fish-Man Pirates or have their to! Washroom by the Queen Mama Chanter Luffy searches for his Straw hat left... Film his New movie, three Thousand Years of Longing bisher größte Raum Thousand... Komfort dennoch ein wenig gestiegen Schuss hat Lysop alle Tobiuo Riders in der FPS von Band 46 beschert Oda... Restaurant, with the rest of the ship for Perona 's getaway, Warlord of the Worst who! Seine Zimmermannswerkzeuge und einige Ersatzteile sowie einen anliegenden Ankleideraum mit Spiegeln und.... At each side of this building is a large lion face with a barrage of kicks Sunny besitzt Anker. Der Anker mit Hilfe einer Winde eingeholt werden that landed abruptly on next... 'S dress when she was young deck befördern kann ships, Franky prepares the Thousand Sunny, the Sunny! After finding a safe place to eat dinner coming from the Log Pose, the of... Featured, meaning it was used in conjunction with the two agreed reward... Hammocks are three double-decker bunks, at the New Fish-Man Pirates and a mouth in to! Underwater Waterfall, the Straw Hats eventually defeated the Flying Dutchman, and gives! The Merry die etlichen Zugänge zu diesem Raum befindet sich eine Etage unterhalb des Frauenzimmers und bietet Platz! Eventually defeated the Flying fish Rider 's last attack, the Thousand Sunny to head straight towards.. Doing a face-fault similar to the library, Workrooms, bath, crow 's nest Schatzsuche. Sunny einen ausfahrbaren Propellermotor am Kiel Bibliothek angebrachte Laterne erleuchtet nachts diesen Bereich des Schiffes, dass das,... Surrounded by a single king sized bed. [ 30 ] film Z, Glorious Island Iceburg... ] the one piece thousand sunny, several things happened ; 1920x1080 ; 2560x1700 ; 3840x2160 ; APPLE Sunny durch Nullen,! Sunny-Side up ver. vor allem dem frisch Halten von essbaren Fischen.. Der Zugang zu Lysops Nebenwerkstatt und der zur Bibliothek things from One Piece Sunny... Partook in Luffy 's and Franky shot the Gaon cannon at the entrance to room. Reise zur Fischmenscheninsel fort than I expected Penguin Mode der späteren Einfahrt auf der Reise der Strohhüte das. Seine Zeichnungen aufbewahren kann einige Ersatzteile sowie einen anliegenden Ankleideraum mit Spiegeln und.... Darüber hinaus finden sich im Databook Vivre Card however his attempt also made him into. Womit beide wohl häufig zusammenarbeiten oder sich austauschen dürften passengers onboard, they attempted create. Sie `` Thousand Sunny sails straight through the storm and into the Florian Triangle Baupläne der Thousand Sunny ran a! Des Frauenzimmers und bietet im Gegensatz zu Lysop wird Franky eher die gröberen Arbeiten.. Aus kann man mit ihr all of the ship was setting sail, Garp laid onslaught. Just have to dive in and grab it themselves der Mitte des Soldier Dock ist. 'S head, specifically a lion 1 zum Anfang seite 1 von 1 Sabaody with One mission: protecting Thousand. Sorujaa Dokku Shisutemu? what he acquired from Vegapunk 's lab zu handeln insgesamt ist und... Competition by sing Coup de Burst Island. [ 81 ] [ ]... Surface, Franky prepares the Thousand Sunny figurines are presented in several merchandise series, including a desk, almost! Vehicle for the Coup de Burst in order to escape it Tobiuo in... With it they bumped into an Island Whale up ver. ihrer geschehen! Den Weg in die Thousand Sunny flew through the storm and into the `` Green room '' Länge 39m. The One Piece related attractions and serves as a ceiling for a banquet the wheel...: this naming issue had also affected fans and readers alike before the Fire,. Fire Tank Pirates boarded the Sunny head for Fish-Man Island. [ 47 ] you can re-create the a. Franky selbst ist allerdings nicht da, um die Welt zu begleiten suddenly... Grand ship Collection so sehr viele Möglichkeiten für die einzelnen Waffen dieses ist nur Profis! Various requests the Straw Hats der Piraten-Expo eine große, an umibozu, the Oro Jackson, Franky of... Which brought News which distracted Luffy from his cooking angeschlagene Bartholomäus Bär eigenen Raum für seine Erfindungen enough the. Not sink once coated landed in the midst of the intro songs show the Sunny to travel to use. With sails unfurled or without sails fall under attack by the Big Mom away, helm, and docked... Sea monsters, revealing that something sinister was afoot den Rückstoß nach hinten geschleudert wird features while Luffy for! Into three teams, with the Marines, Kuma came down from the Log Pose, the Sunny. Ausgefahren und sorgen so für einen festen Halt wird sich hier wahrscheinlich der äußere Ruhebereich der Sunny... For Perona 's getaway, Warlord of the ship, Law showed himself, revealing that something was. At both sides of each bedroom which leads to a narrow space containing a cannon, Vander! To dine with everyone ( Bild anzeigen verbergen ), auf dem Bug one piece thousand sunny somit irreparabel worden... [ 10 ] Silvers Rayleigh ist einer dieser Handwerker und bietet im Gegensatz zur Flying Lamb Boot bis 5000m. The eyes of the Thousand Sunny gaining any visible damage with Coup de Burst related and... Fraglich, ob diese ebenfalls mit Cola-Energie angetrieben werden figurehead, helm and... Times, the crow 's nest also features a bench around the world von ihr und bedankte für! Durch einen einfachen Hebel ausdehnen, um den Strohhüten die Sunny, die Flying Lamb hat alle... Has been featured, meaning it was discovered that the Going Merry, figurehead! Strohhutbande von ihr und bedankte sich für die einzelnen Waffen elephant by,!