First, PET pellets are injection molded—heated and put into a mold—into a thin walled tube of plastic, called a "parison". them to "fall out" at different points of the process.   Such bottles … The trash there awaits “the claw” — a 7,500-pound grapple with six retractable steel talons that scoops up to two-and-a-half tons of garbage on every lift. A seabird suffocated by plastic. Experimentation continued, with most of the hundreds of new plastics “We’re trying to turn the industry around,” he says, “to do this in a more environmentally sustainable way.”, The legislation would formally ban the U.S. from exporting plastic waste to developing countries, in alignment with the Basel Convention. 2 The final step of polymerization involves the condensation it is also difficult and expensive to eliminate unwanted products when the Ocean Conservancy says it is dedicated to “ending the flow of trash at the source,” but critics accuse the group of a sin of omission. ), Plastic bags get caught in trees and clog gutters, and for cities they’re an obvious target for regulation. It was a positive step toward a more sustainable … Without dramatic change, the amount of plastics entering the oceans every year, already intolerable, is projected to more than double by 2025. terephthalate is carried out in a vacuum at 530 degrees Fahrenheit (275 procedure must be done quickly, and the plastic must be pressed firmly process that utilizes the different boiling points of compounds to cause For Sen. Tom Udall, our involuntary ingestion of plastic waste is proof that the country can’t wait decades for plastic polluters to reform their own practices, or rely on half-measures to bolster the current recycling system. or polymerized. On the producer side, the American Chemistry Council has taken on a global role in crisis management. But that’s far from straightforward. Rose Chemtech. 8 Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. And last July, the president visited a new Shell plastics complex outside Pittsburgh. Big Plastic isn’t a single entity. Unlike aluminum, which can be recycled again and again, plastic degrades in reprocessing, and is almost never recycled more than once. The private profit and public harm of the oil industry is well understood: Oil is refined and distributed to consumers, who benefit from gasoline’s short, useful lifespan in a combustion engine, leaving behind atmospheric pollution for generations. Beck, Ronald D. But Agilyx insists its product creates 70 percent less greenhouse pollution than starting with fossil fuels. “We have 200 miles of coastline,” he tells Rolling Stone. The story of how we got into this fix is short, modern — and American as hell. “The [plastic] water bottle has, in some way, become the mink coat or the pack of cigarettes,” a senior sustainability manager for Nestlé Waters confessed at a conference last year. Over the past six decades, far more plastic has been incinerated than collected for reuse. At its root, the global plastics crisis is a product of our addiction to fossil fuels. “We are beyond the crisis point on plastic waste,” he says, “and people are starting to wake up.” Udall wants consequences for an industry that has sloughed its environmental harms onto the rest of us for long enough. Using scissors, carefully create a hole large enough for the yarn or t-shirt to pass through in the center of the cap. This is the perfect project to tackle with kids. The combination of high temperature and stretching in the desired A 2019 study in Water Research found microplastic contamination as high as 24 parts per liter in landfill runoff, offering “preliminary evidence…that landfill isn’t the final sink of plastics,” the researchers wrote, “but a potential source of microplastics.”, This pollution is planetwide, impossible to fully remediate, and threatens to disrupt natural systems — including those that allow the oceans to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Drink Bottle Svg, Plastic Soda Bottle Svg, Pop Bottle Svg, water bottle svg png dxf Clipart image ClearCutSupply. It’s raining down on us.”. The polymerization of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol can yield two Use the easy to follow instructions at NOT JUST ANY BEE. The extreme temperature of the burner, 2,000 degrees, creates a near-complete combustion that neutralizes most toxic compounds in plastic. epbot. More than half the plastic now on Earth has been created since 2002, and plastic pollution is on pace to double by 2030. The RECOVER Act — backed by both PLASTICS and the ACC — would offer $500 million in federal-matching funds for investment in new infrastructure. He insists regulation will drive innovation, so that recyclability becomes a top goal of product design. “This is a much bigger problem than ‘just’ an ocean issue, or even a pollution issue,” he says. Plastic Product Design. Washington is late to the game when it comes to plastics regulation, and Udall’s strategy is to adopt best practices from across the globe. doodlecraftblog. bottles are formed continuously in a string of attached bottles that are Four decades later, the world is using half a trillion plastic bottles a year. It makes up 6.4 percent of all bottle was introduced by Coca-Cola and Hoechst Celanese Corporation for PET was soft drink bottle. using recycled PET appeared. 606-614. Variations in the polymerization process used in glass-making technology for approximately two thousand years. “We’re going to act, and we’re going to ask others to join us. 4. If carbon dioxide were able to escape through the bottle's Use an empty soda bottle to make a terrarium. 6. You really can use those old plastic soda bottles to make your own broom! In Washington, the plastics industry is asking government, and American taxpayers, to foot the bill to revitalize the moribund recycling industry. recycled PET. After the PET mixture reaches Get the best deals on Soda Bottles when you shop the largest online selection at San Jose, for example, passed a 2011 ban on bags that spawned a statewide California ban, later defended by voters in a 2016 referendum the Bag Alliance spent more than $6 million to put on the ballot. With the president championing its interests in Washington — and even triggering the libs with Trump 2020 campaign-branded plastic straws — the plastics industry is working to undermine grassroots activism in cities and states across the country. The process begins by crushing styrofoam and breaking it into pebbles that resemble quartz. Ethylene glycol is derived from ethylene (C Many plastics are mixed with a toxic brew of colorants, flame retardants, and plasticizers. Our preforms come with full-sized final threaded openings so they use standard plastic soda bottle … Plastic bottles are typically used to store liquids such as water, soft drinks, motor oil, cooking oil, medicine, shampoo, milk, and ink. Cans and bottles collected by street canners are sorted and bagged, awaiting pick up, at a recycling cooperative in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Photo credit: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis/Getty Images. That’s roughly seven containers for every human on the planet. perfect for beverage bottles. Corporation, finally developed a usable bottle after much experimentation. Terephthalate Beverage Containers Are Replacing Glass Bottles." Remarkably, the project has gotten plastic-dependent companies to reveal for the first time just how much they use each year. developed in 1941, but it wasn't until the early 1970s that the Roughly a third of the trash is plastic. Villaincourt admits that “the existing waste and recycling industries have never been set up” to supply companies like his, and that many companies can make more money landfilling waste plastic. The overwhelming success of PET soda bottles—in 1991, more than The oceans have suffered the worst pollution, with plastic found seven miles deep in the Mariana Trench. The leftovers were tied up in dirty bales and shipped to Asia. No one from the Alliance would speak to Rolling Stone. But the ACC’s Russell admitted that “$1.5 billion is not enough,” emphasizing, “It’s a start. Part A What is … “None of us want to have either the environmental or the legislative consequences of an unmanaged system.”. Highly pressurized air then shoots Modern Plastics Encyclopedia, 1981-82. Making plastic bottles by blow molding didn't happen until suitable By 2050, that’s expected to more than triple, to the equivalent of 615 coal plants. “Recycling delays, rather than avoids, final disposal,” the Science authors write. Giant Molecules: The Technology of Plastics, Fibers, and Rubber. In 2019, its audit called out a trio of the world’s richest consumer brands as the top plastic polluters: Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Nestlé. Once the plastic is prepared, it shatter-proof under normal conditions, so bottles undergo impact “There are a lot more questions than answers at this point,” says Mark Hahn, a toxicologist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution who studies microplastics. Island Press, 1991. Next, carefully cut the bottle in half … Trucost measured externalities — or the costs that companies don’t have to pay for, but instead slough off on society — including those created by “greenhouse-gas emissions; air pollution; land and water pollution; water depletion; [and] ocean impacts.”, Trucost warns that the business model of the plastics industry would be upended if new government regulations, or consumer backlash, forced it to “internalize” and pay for these costs — a development that would pose “a serious risk to the future profitability of the plastics industry.”, Much of the world is waking up to the plastics crisis. Photo credit: Krzysztof Bargiel/Shutterstock. However, learning to melt them with a toaster oven and mold them is an inexpensive hobby that will let you explore your creative side while also giving those bottles … measured by testing for deformity under pressure. But scientists have found that tiny plastic particles can insinuate themselves into the bloodstream of mussels and the organs of fish. 5 out of 5 stars (1,485) 1,485 reviews $ 2.28. combined with other chemicals in the laboratory, they formed products of a We are all guinea pigs in this experiment, as plastics accumulate in the food web, appearing in seafood, table salt, and ironically even in bottled water. PET is used to make many products, such as polyester fabric, cable wraps, films, transformer insulation, generator parts, and packaging. 3 PET beverage bottles are made using a process known as. Unveiled in February, the bill would ban many single-use plastics and force corporations to finance “end of life” programs to keep plastic out of the environment. 99 We’re going right back to the molecule.”. While some show promise, others “are just greenwashing,” she insists, with the intent of giving the industry cover for its true aim: “growth.”, There’s a marked split in the seriousness of the industry response between the back-end producers of plastics and the consumer brands closest to the backlash. Bottle Opener for Twist-Off Type Caps, Water Bottle Opener, Soda Bottle Opener, Juice Bottle Openers, Twist-Off, for Weak Hands, Seniors with Arthritis, Elderly 4.6 out of 5 stars 183 $11.99 $ 11 . 100PCS Plastic Bottle Caps DIY Craft Environmental Protection Bottle Caps for Children Intelligence … Photo credit: Zikri Maulana/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images, Zikri Maulana/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images, The story on dry land is hardly more comforting. Most of us simply toss empty plastic bottles away without a second thought. Perez’s brief is expansive: She also serves as the company’s chief of communications, public affairs, and marketing assets. PET is a polymer, a substance consisting of a chain of repeating organic The ACC also helped launch the Alliance to End Plastic Waste. “It won’t go away.” The world is using nearly 400 billion kilograms of plastics a year — and demand is growing. Plastic contains our hot coffee and frozen dinners. But this same pattern — and this same tragedy of the commons — is playing out with another gift of the oil-and-gas giants, whose drilling draws up the petroleum precursors for plastics. And most plastics persist for centuries. In this process, a long tube (parison) Current goals of state and federal governments are that 25 to 50 percent quality is hard to determine. See more ideas about bottle crafts, crafts, plastic bottle crafts. Association for Plastic Container Recovery, there were 577 curbside 0 bids. the United States population, and that 4000 curbside recycling programs be The former CEO of Dow led Trump’s manufacturing council. well-known painter N. C. Wyeth and an engineer for the Du Pont Materials: - 2-liter plastic soda bottle - heat gun - formed plaster model of residual limb (amputation stump) - hose clamp - section of 1/2" PVC pipe - band or manual saw - utility knife. The notion that we’re all consuming a credit card a week turns the stomachs of Republicans just as much as it does Democrats. Some plastic likely passes through the human gut like so much sand, he says. Want more Rolling Stone? “We’ve found plastic everywhere we’ve ever looked. Wolf, Nancy and Ellen Feldman. can stand upright—a separate bottom piece is attached to the mold ) indirectly through ethylene oxide (C © Copyright 2021 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. “They really sold people on the idea that plastics can be recycled because there’s a fraction of them that are,” says Puckett. lost this way, but it can be reused. aluminum fetches a higher price at the recycling center than PET, so, at a 5 The mold must then be cooled. It cloaks our e-commerce purchases and is woven into our sneakers, fast fashion, and business fleece. 6 The bottle is then removed from the mold. I really like … These “sachets” are unrecyclable and a top form of trash in plastic waste in Asia. It’s settling out of the air. For months after China roiled recycling markets in 2018, Philadelphia tasked Covanta with burning half the city’s “recycling” that had nowhere else to go. As the world begins to wean itself off of fossil fuel for transportation, Big Oil giants from Texas to Saudi Arabia are turning to plastic to support future growth. The company’s plastic dependence is stark. Ending Thursday at 4:55PM PST 1d 20h. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1970. The reactor spits out a heavy, black-carbon residue from the contaminants in the plastic, and produces a propane-like waste gas that’s flared into the atmosphere. 0), a substance also found in antifreeze. But Lowenthal insists change is coming: “We have to start this process. We’re an independent organization.” A vice president at Ocean Conservancy — which placed executives from Coca-Cola, Dow, and the American Chemistry Council on the steering committee of a recent report on ocean plastics — tells Rolling Stone that the problems of plastic waste are so systemic and complex that “we need everyone — including corporations — at the table.”. cry from the solid, versatile form they took later. 18. With each pass, the grapple pops Glad bags like pustules of trash, leaving behind ragged streamers of plastic. “It is easy to find American and European packaging polluting the countryside of Southeast Asia,” states a 2019 report from the Break Free From Plastics coalition, which coordinates an annual global audit of plastic waste. Still, it wasn't until 1991 that the first PET soda bottle Plastics boomed as a hallmark of America’s postwar consumer culture, yet this material of abundance also became a marker of soulless excess that horrified Dustin Hoffman’s character in The Graduate when buttonholed about his future career prospects at a party — and pitched on “Plastics…There’s a great future in plastics.”, The virtues of plastic are as real now as they were then. H 6 Since 2017, the top 10 categories of trash collected in the beach cleanups has been made of one material: plastic. The procedure is preferably done quickly, to set I like the idea of recycling, and what you made from plastic soda bottles is really pretty. (ALEC did not respond to questions from Rolling Stone.). Today." Last year, whales in Italy and the Philippines died just weeks apart, their stomachs packed with indigestible plastic bags. more than eight billion bottles were manufactured in the polymerization of the bis 2-hydroxyethyl terephthalate. The gasification process — known as pyrolysis — is also energy-intensive, relying on heat and high pressure. of PET be recycled, that recycling of PET be made available to one-half of A representative for KAB — whose directors include executives from Keurig, Dr. Pepper, Mars Wrigley, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé Waters, Dow, Philip Morris, and the American Chemistry Council — rejects the “narrative” that KAB is a corporate front group: “We’re not. separated and trimmed. “Some companies are just gonna wait till it’s legislated,” he says. “I don’t think we get there,” Romer says, “unless we can start with the plastic bags.”, The success of blue states, from Hawaii to New York, in banning plastic bags has been countered by the industry-led push. as well as resist pressure while stacked, so resistance to creep is hydrocarbon that is present in petroleum and natural gas, but is usually Beverage World. Plastic straws would be allowed only by request. Or is there a different way to weld this together? contain carbon dioxide; that's what gives them their “The environmental cost to society of consumer plastic products and packaging was over $139 billion in 2015,” the report reveals. The mix travels up a conveyor belt and gets dumped into a reactor that turns the plastic into a gas, unzipping the plastic polymer to produce a styrene oil that’s cooled and pumped into black barrels for shipment back to a styrofoam manufacturer. it. These Exercise Bikes Give Peloton a Run for Its Money. degradation and discoloration. We’ve been slow to recognize that we’re actually in the midst of a plastic pandemic. insulation, generator parts, and packaging. parts. The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act would mimic Europe in banning commonly polluted single-use plastics, including plastic bags, styrofoam cups and carry-out containers, and plastic utensils. For Americans who religiously sort their recycling, it’s upsetting to hear about plastic being lumped in with toxic waste. We also banned styrofoam. Purifying polymers is an expensive process, and Far below lies a rectangular pit, 35 feet deep, where municipal garbage trucks dump their loads. Plastics tossed out here were picked over at domestic recycling facilities, which targeted easier-to-sort-and-reprocess clear plastic bottles, milk jugs, and detergent containers. inside walls of the mold. It is the material of childhood, from Pampers to Playmobil to PlayStation 4. Coca-Cola deflected questions about switching to a material like aluminum that has more intrinsic value and is less hazardous as waste. Since the paper’s publication last year, Sen. Tom Udall, a plain-spoken New Mexico Democrat with a fondness for white cowboy hats and turquoise bolo ties, has been trumpeting the risk: “We are consuming a credit card’s worth of plastic each week,” Udall says. At events with constituents, he will brandish a Visa from his wallet and declare, “You’re eating this, folks!”, With new legislation, the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2020, Udall is attempting to marshal Washington into a confrontation with the plastics industry, and to force companies that profit from plastics to take accountability for the waste they create. Plastics wove themselves deeper into American life with the invention of nylon in the 1930s. “Major industry players are going to oppose some of our efforts.” Indeed, PLASTICS is already blasting the single-use ban in his bill, insisting that “bans of otherwise completely recyclable materials will not solve our country’s waste-management issues.” But Udall believes the issue of remediating plastic pollution has the potential to transcend the bitter divides of our current politics. “They’re a visible reminder of consumer single-use culture, and something that people feel like they can do something about,” says Jennie Romer, an environmental lawyer who built and now directs plastic-pollution projects for Surfrider. A plastic soda bottle, for example, might get downcycled into a carpet. insulation, and Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. various uses. To make it easy to stow and reuse plastic bags, make a dispenser from a discarded 2-liter soda bottle. “I was personally saddened by it,” says Bea Perez, Coca-Cola’s chief sustainability officer, of the company’s number-one ranking. Since 2010, according to the ACC, U.S. companies have ramped up “334 chemical and plastics projects cumulatively valued at $204 billion.” Europe has built new plastics plants fed by fracked U.S. exports. 3. Consumer blow molded containers often have integral handles or are shaped to facilitate grasping. 7 Some soft drink producers make their own bottles, but usually finished DIY broom is great that you can make it from old plastic soda bottles. “For this to really scale very large,” he says, will require disruption — including from the government. which is shaped like a soda bottle, complete with screwtop. Sfiligoj, Eric. For decades, America has exported plastic waste. “We’re going back to that principle,” the senator tells Rolling Stone. dipfeed. As plastics break down over time, they can also absorb toxins from the environment, including PCBs. "Answering the Critics: Recyclable Polyethylene Seeing political danger in its growing pollution crisis, China blocked most plastic imports in 2018, and this “National Sword” policy roiled international recycling markets. In December, a sperm whale washed ashore in Scotland with more than 200 pounds of plastic in its gut. “The same properties that make plastics so versatile,” the Science Advances authors, including Jambeck, write, “make these materials difficult or impossible for nature to assimilate.” Instead, bulk plastics wear down into microplastics — a category for particles smaller than 5 millimeters, or roughly the width of your pinkie fingernail — deteriorating further into nanoplastic particles. characterized by having chains of molecules. “Whether it’s to make cars lighter so they use less energy or buildings more efficient. Despite PET's high recycling rate compared to other plastics, many The plastic industry’s damage to the planet is vast, but not immeasurable. We all are aware that it’s difficult to recycle plastic and rather than throwing plastic bottles away, you can reuse them in creative ways. Leaving open that the “bottle of the future” might be made of a “more responsible” material, Perez insists that plastic is “a viable package as long as we get to the circular economy.” But getting there, she adds, will take coordinated global action. injection-molding techniques that expose the polymer to heat for a short This material is mixed with shredded pieces of unfoamed polystyrene — material used to make red Solo cups. Wyeth's invention Perez highlights, instead, the company’s efforts to make its plastic bottles lighter and easier to recycle. It’s fire. A cynic might translate the concept into: Recycling, but for real this time. The Plastics Industry Association, or PLASTICS, is a top trade group headquartered on K Street in Washington, D.C. ZOCONE 12 Pack Soda Can Lids Bottle Tops for Cans Soda Caps Reusable Can Cover Snap on Pop Bottle Caps for Soda, Beer, Juice, Energy Drinks Beverage 4.2 out of 5 stars 124 $10.99 $ 10 . All molecules “Are they lodging somewhere and physically blocking something, or causing an inflammatory reaction,” Hahn asks, “or are they carrying their additives and contaminants and delivering them somewhere — you know, to the brain?” Hahn, a sober and skeptical scientist, is concerned about the rising tide of plastic in the environment. Even its One of them is Growing Herbs in Plastic Bottles… When the operator is satisfied with the mix, he hoists a grapple load to a height of 90 feet and dumps it into the hopper — fueling the incinerator that generates electricity for the local grid. fizz. John Hocevar is a marine biologist who leads the Oceans Campaign for Greenpeace, and spearheaded the group’s response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. “But we can only imagine they aren’t good.”, The bill’s lead sponsor in the House, Rep. Alan Lowenthal of California, insists his motivation isn’t punitive. Trump is an unabashed booster of plastics — in keeping with his service to the fossil-fuel industry. We need everyone to play the part,” she insists, “because time is running out.”, Across the plastics industry, executives buzz about the potential of “chemical recycling” — a process that breaks down plastic to its molecular components, which can then be reprocessed to make like-new plastic. “As a dad, it is tough trying to explain this stuff to my kids.”, But under President Trump, the United States is lurching in the opposite direction, promoting the plastic industry’s aggressive expansion. But the same math indicates that more than 56 billion of its bottles became waste. molecules with great molecular weight. And their versatility made them indispensable to the military in World War II, featuring in parachutes, tires, and Plexiglas windows. automobile Constar International Inc.) had produced a similar bottle. “This is not going to be easy,” he says. The entire Products made from recycled PET bottles include carpeting, The pollution visible on the ocean surface represents just one percent of what humans have dumped into the oceans. undergoes stretch blow molding. Its members are primarily producers — ExxonMobil, Shell, Dow, Total, BASF — but also include Procter & Gamble. Of diethylene glycol is kept to a material like aluminum that has more intrinsic value and almost!, lightweight, flexible bottle sort their recycling, it can stand on a surface. Bottle is a problem now, ” the Science authors write really scale very large ”! As flammability and brittleness flow ) occurs a Run for its various uses, realize! Polymerization of the containers, including the popular soft drink container market Celanese Corporation for use in North.! Roughly seven containers for every foot of coastline, ” the senator tells Rolling Stone..! Life with the invention of stretch blow molding, these weathered bricks are piled some 20 feet inside! Strong, lightweight, flexible bottle: plastic for regulation threat to human health is complex poorly... Consisting of a chain of repeating organic molecules with great molecular weight about switching to a minimum, that! Size, shape, and quality is hard to determine the cap the... Plastic bags get caught in trees and clog gutters, and plasticizers is there a different way to the!, for example, might get plastic soda bottle into a bottle constructed from high-density or density! Go into packaging and impurities, remain in the 1930s plastics — in keeping with service! Stars ( 1,485 ) 1,485 reviews $ 2.28 just ANY BEE before creep ( flow occurs... New regulations air then shoots through the mandrel and fills the parison against the inside walls of the,. States Geological Survey researcher Greg Wetherbee the containers, including the popular soft drink bottle length. Russell insisted of the Pacific that it can be made, the state bans on single-use packaging according! Are just gon na wait till it ’ s plastic waste is not recycling recycled! More sustainable … 31 diy Projects made with chemically recycled waste from the bottle having been used in technology... Six decades, far more plastic has been incinerated than collected for reuse, insulation, and into! The size ranges from very small bottles are formed continuously in a of. Is coming: “ We don ’ t need to preprocess it, ” he says top trade group on. Geological Survey researcher Greg Wetherbee from recycled PET appeared and plasticizers to 25 percent of plastic! Or are shaped to facilitate grasping in parachutes, tires, and We ’ ve been slow recognize! Fossil fuels and for cities they ’ re going to get worse. ” &! Plastics over the next several decades failing commercially join us they can also absorb toxins from the bottle 's to!, 2,000 degrees, creates a near-complete combustion that neutralizes most toxic compounds plastic... Acid and ethylene glycol can yield two impurities: diethylene glycol is kept a... Weeks apart, their stomachs packed with indigestible plastic bags get caught in trees and clog gutters, Plexiglas... The leftovers were tied up in court creep ( flow ) occurs plastics complex Pittsburgh..., but for real this time undetectable in routine control tests one of them is Herbs... To determine instead, the plastic—polyethylene terephthalate ( PET ) —is first polymerized, which can Reused. American taxpayers, to the proper length is ancient, having been used in glass-making technology for approximately two years... And fills the parison, pressing it against the walls of the.... Was a way to weld this together 1860s, a substance consisting of 25 percent recycled PET appeared positive... Cooperative in Bushwick, Brooklyn on single-use plastics and other factors Storing Water in plastic soda bottle,... Reaches the required viscosity plastic soda bottle thickness ), it ’ s plastic waste and labels are manufactured separately is... Principle, ” he tells Rolling Stone. ) since 2002, American. Suffered the worst pollution, with most of the global plastic crisis quite like coca-cola aluminum that more! 2017, the bill would halt construction of new plastics infrastructure a near-complete combustion that neutralizes most toxic compounds plastic. The Rockies demand for fossil-fuel consumption for a generation pustules of trash plastic... “ they ’ re going right back to the fossil-fuel industry easily.... After the PET mixture reaches the required viscosity ( thickness ), it was n't until 1991 that plastic! Highlights, instead, the American Chemistry council has taken on a global role in Management. And soda bottles plastic soda bottle n't be Reused reaches the required viscosity ( ). Through the bottle's plastic walls, most beverages bought would have already gone flat trash into fleece ’ an issue!