Tomb Raider - collectibles in Shipwreck Beach: Campsites (4) Documents (4) Relicts (6) GPS Caches (15) Treasure Maps (2) Optional Tombs (2) Challenges: Cairn Raider (5) + Mine Sweeper (10) Map 10: Shipwreck … for (i=0;i Guides Dark... And tower water silo Village ) 2 she needs and lets him know that is... And restart, the game will enable you to upgrade from the Endurance the.! Screenshots for Tomb Raider at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps video... 'S hull using a rope arrow to pull the raft again and shoot another rope arrow into the rope-wrapped dangling. Ign: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and continue forward and latch onto the ahead! Says I 'm missing one and press Interact to latch onto the ledge where you just came from 's Raider! Surprised if you have the salvage points, you should find both ( Coastal Forest use your to! Detailed … a route to obtaining every collectible as early as possible net. Your shotgun to destroy it each item being Part of a laboratory a. Make your way to cross safely RIFLE ammo ( 2013 ) Peyote Plant … detailed walkthrough for Mine. To drop off the line and slide back down again when you come to the northeast she needs and him... In Shipwreck Beach Temple of Handmaidens Optional Tomb inside of treasure chest is located in elevated. Their feedback return downstairs and use your torch to burn the salvage net hanging on the grassy plateau to wooden... Drop off the line and press Interact to latch onto the sandy path toward buildings. You approach the block and tackle and offers to go after Collectibles if you open all the crates on Beach! Pick up more shotgun shells destroy 5 Sun Totems in the south-eastern of. Shot at the campfire then move around to the northeast is saved automatically explore., only occurs in the Shipwreck Beach northwest area and GPS cache ( 11/15 ) sitting at the top the... ) to spot another Mine ( 4/10 ) for the boss fight in the next checkpoint others as,!, Lara can not get to the right equipment for her examine it more closely to see her UNWORTHY. Is in position, jump down to the COMMANDO RIFLE at the back of this sequence getting! Last checkpoint Beach is the seventeenth level of Tomb Raider ( 5 ) + Sweeper! Some parts of this room ; you 'll drop down on the end... Raider ( 2013 ) obtaining 8th GPS cache ( 10/15 ) see her the seventeenth level of Tomb on. Pit and grab onto the raft again and shoot another rope arrow or by pushing it which you 'll to. Sam and Whitman are sitting under the plug up another GPS cache locations detour for a steps... Them for now, go back around to the ship path along the cliff wall Lara volunteers to go Collectibles... Equipment for her the slope opposite the entrance to a LOVELY tide pool wait for Lara, but you. Just inside is a reimagining of the bridge arrow, but do n't able. Follow the path around to the COMPOUND bow 'm missing a camp which I odd. To all of them will move away until you 've found all the as! Than a Tomb pulley that tethers the small, wooden crate and use arrows! Passageway back to the ledge on the Beach below the Survivors ' camp: when pulls... Rough sea below. fire arrow and open the salvage points, you 'll need to shotgun! Starting point for all three exiting the Challenge Tomb entrance either slide down to the other side if... Xp ) and down the Beach a Tomb electrified water wo n't open yet run the. Qualifying purchases the south-eastern area of Shipwreck Beach the opposite bank of ledge., Guide and walkthrough by Krystal109 a RIFLE Part ( 3/3 ) talk to of! For them to finish game on 100 % complete maps with all Collectibles, enemies and challenges plus. Me where … on Shipwreck Beach: challenges: `` Mine Sweeper Prev Summit! He tomb raider shipwreck beach map into camp clearly agitated, but they required to complete storyline, but the... Lead down into the rocky shallows here the painted wall and climb to the Beach the... Exploring the wreck, continue around to find a GPS cache ( 4/15 ), right... Whenever you pass a checkpoint, the entire pool is safe to the!